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Area Man Has Gone On Tinder Date With Everyone Currently At Lamplighter

RICHMOND, Va. — Local man, Tyler Waxstein, realized this afternoon that he’s gone on Tinder dates with every single female currently at the Fan location of Lamplighter Coffee Roasters.

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The 27-year old Richmond resident spoke with reporters following the harrowing incident Thursday evening.

“At first, I noticed Stephanie and Rachel waiting in line. I tried to avoid them but immediately saw Megan, Becca, and Lindsey waiting for their orders,” Waxstein told reporters. “It was horrible! I never texted Lauren or Melissa back, and I’m pretty sure they both saw me too. I can never come back here.”

Waxstein describes his use of dating apps as “casual; I mean, I’m not sure what I want,” though he added that, after using Tinder for 4 years, he’s probably dated 60 to 70 local women at least once.

The Peedmont was able to reach one patron currently at Lamplighter who was one of Tyler’s numerous Tinder dates there. Speaking on condition of anonymity, we were granted a brief interview with her: “Tyler? Fuck him.”

Lamplighter has become one of the most popular meeting spots around town for first-time online dates. Owner Zach Archibald commented on the situation, noting that the venue was doing things to accommodate the trend. “We once put up an ‘online dating missed connections’ bulletin board, but frustrated ladies kept randomly storming in and smashing it to pieces, so we did away with it altogether.”

As of press time, Waxstein was heading to meet friends, Brad and Justin, at Hardywood, where more former Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and OkCupid dates were waiting in line, sitting at the picnic tables, and watching the band inside.

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