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Ralph Northam Defending Himself, Uses Justin Fairfax to Prove He Has Black Friends

RICHMOND, Va — After an image from his college yearbook page depicting a man dressed in KKK attire and a man in blackface came to light on Friday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam would like to remind Virginians that he is friends with Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

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“I know what it looks like, but I’m not a racist,” Northam said in a statement, going on to detail the friendship between him and Fairfax. “Justin is my number 1 homie. We listen to Kendrick Lamar together in the Executive Mansion all the time. We also went to go see “Black Panther” together, so it’s all good.”

While apologetic, Northam has given no indication of resigning, even though many high-ranking Democrats are calling for him to do so. “That picture is not who I am now. I’ve changed so much since then. Justin and all of my other black friends can attest to that.” Northam also reminded reporters that he voted for Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 elections and pleaded for citizens to not judge him on what he did in the older, distant days of just 34 years ago.

“The allegation that I’m racist is completely unfounded,” he continued. “I’ve done some great work with Justin, he’s my right hand man, and I’ve done some great work for you peop — I mean, the African-American community.”

Though a decision has yet to be made as to whether he will resign, Northam is currently being kept comfortable while the public determines the continued viability of his term. At the time of reporting, he has changed course and adopted what is commonly called “The Shaggy Defense” and is claiming it wasn’t him in the photograph.

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