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Bob and Maureen McDonnell Fighting Over Who Will Get Ferrari

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Moving forward with their upcoming divorce, former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were spotted out together for the first time since going public with the news. Not surprisingly, they arguing over who would get the family’s Ferrari California.

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The couple reportedly bickered over dinner at Salacia Prime Seafood & Steaks as two bored-looking attorneys observed while picking at Caesar salads.

“I didn’t recognize them at first,” Julie Smart, the couple’s waitress, said. “But as soon as I brought them their drinks, I could tell that they were a going through a divorce without a prenup. It wasn’t until Bob asked if there was a former governor’s discount that I realized they were the McDonnells.”

Bob McDonnell reportedly requested sole ownership of the family Ferrari as he hoped to sell it and use the proceeds to pay for a portion of his multi-million dollar legal bill from his 2014 corruption case. However, Maureen claimed that the Ferrari, which was gifted to the McDonnells from former CEO of Star Scientific, Jonnie Williams Sr., in what was definitely not an act of bribery in any manner, rightfully belonged to her.

“Maureen insisted on taking the couple’s entire wine collection, however, there were some Chardonnays that Bob refused to part with,” Smart continued. “So, then Maureen threatened to take his air hockey table, and Bob in turn threatened to take Maureen’s Instant Pot, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Witnesses state that Maureen became distraught at the idea of losing her Instant Pot and collapsed in a heap on top of her lobster tempura appetizer. “Fine! Take the Instant Pot and the Ferrari,” Maureen said. “Jonnie will buy me another one of each! He bought them both originally anyway.”

Lawyers for each McDonnell are reportedly working on an arrangement where the Ferrari will be kept by one party while a valued Rolex watch will be given to the other.

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