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“It’s so Awesome That There’s Another Brewery Coming to Scott’s Addition!” Says Area Chad

RICHMOND, Va. — Explaining that the addition of another brewery is just what the neighborhood needed, Fan resident Chad Spantiker exclaimed that it’s really awesome that Starr Hill is opening a new location with a rooftop bar in Scott’s Addition, sources confirmed Wednesday.

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Spantiker, who lives in a two-bedroom apartment in a complex where rent has nearly doubled since 2014, is reportedly excited at the prospect of lounging on the brewery’s rooftop patio on a summer afternoon and taking in the refreshing view of Ardent Craft Ales, Isley Brewing Company, The Veil Brewing Co., Väsen Brewing Company, Three Notch’d Brewing Company, Buskey Cider, Blue Bee Cider, Bingo Beer Co, Black Heath Meadery, and several vacant buildings that will likely become breweries at some point in the near future.

Originally from Alexandria, Spantiker relocated to Richmond two years ago after being handed a manager position in his father’s auto dealership franchise. In a recent interview, he said that he thought the news was amazing. “Starr Hill makes a wonderful IPA. And if there’s one thing the gentrifying neighborhoods around Broad Street need more of, it’s IPAs.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Richmond has a lot going for it,” Spantiker continued, referring to a city on the brink of an affordable housing crisis largely due to new residents driving up real estate prices while middle class wages remain stagnant. “But it could definitely use a few dozen more options for weekend day-drinking. Hopefully this one will also stay open late so me and my friends Chad Duntsky and Chad Garner will have somewhere to party once Circuit closes on a Saturday night.”

When asked what other businesses might help bring more excitement to a Richmonder’s weekend, Spantiker thought for a moment before replying. “Maybe more breweries, or one of those places that makes their own bourbon? Maybe in the East End, or whatever neighborhood that is on the other side of I-195. I’m sure they could use a place to drink.”

Sources confirmed late Thursday night that Spantiker is currently organizing a petition to have the GRTC Pulse rerouted through Scott’s Addition with scheduled stops at every brewery.

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1 Comment on “It’s so Awesome That There’s Another Brewery Coming to Scott’s Addition!” Says Area Chad

  1. Richard Jones // February 17, 2019 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    Hey, Chad(s),
    There is one of those bourbon making places in the Addition, Reservoir Distillery. The real reservoir used to be a place in Byrd Park where they kept plain old water, but the new one in the Addition is much better. Now the breweries can get barrels to age their beer in right in the same nieghborhood! Richmond is a very accommodating city, don’t you think?


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