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Poll Results Say Ukrop’s, Not Publix, Should Go in Former Carytown Martin’s Location

RICHMOND, Va. — A new poll conducted by the Carytown Merchants Association has revealed that the neighborhood’s residents favor a revived Ukrop’s grocery store taking the place of the former Martin’s location.

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The vacant location in Carytown Exchange, which was a Ukrop’s before being converted to Martin’s in the 2010 acquisition to Giant-Carlisle, was recently leased by Publix for one of their stores.

However, according to the poll results, 97% of all Museum District, Carytown, and Fan residents say they want a revived Ukrop’s, not a Publix, in the spot. Further poll demographics revealed that of the 3% who did not specify Ukrop’s as the store they want, 100% of them were from Northern Virginia and likely too young to have ever shopped at a Ukrop’s.

Participants in the poll were also given the option to add comments with their votes, and many residents took full advantage to reminisce about the qualities that made Ukrop’s so well-loved.

“Even though it’s been years since I’ve gotten to shop at one, they should bring it back,” Museum District resident Martha Kean, 58, said, going on to reminisce about the unique experience that came with getting your weekly groceries at Ukrop’s.

“From the moment you got a whiff of the fried chicken in the parking lot, you knew it was going to be a good day, no matter what else happened. Meanwhile, the Kroger parking lot across the street smells like the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show; that isn’t the odor the RVA community needs.”

Other poll responses noted that Ukrop’s remarkable customer service warranted them a spot in the soon-to-be Publix location. Floyd Ave resident Shannon Duke, 48, said that other grocery stories could learn a thing or two from the Ukrop’s model.

“Until Kroger has more than three available registers on a Saturday afternoon, and until Publix starts making breakfast pizza, they can both go under for all I care.”

Additional poll data revealed that the location in Carytown Exchange wasn’t the only space in the area that should be poised for a Ukrop’s; according to residents, Farm Fresh, Glassboat, Palm Beach Tan, and Jimmy John’s should all be converted to Ukrop’s, in addition to the upcoming Publix.

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