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Franco’s Gearing Up for Sale of Russian Ties

RICHMOND, Va. Franco’s, the high-end men’s clothing store located in Lakeside, is taking advantage of recent events by offering a promotion on ties that have been manufactured in Russia. While some may question the motives behind the sale Michael Valentine, accessories manager of Franco’s, sees it as a way of getting closer to their customers.

“With all the talk in the news, we’re just meeting a consumer demand,” Valentine said. “One of the reasons our customers keep coming back is our ability to spy a trend on the horizon. Russian ties seem to be the wave of the future.”

Franco’s buyer Bob Dixon said that acquiring the merchandise was not difficult. “They were pretty easy to come by. It’s not like we have to probe anybody or hold some major hearing just for Russian ties.”

With a unique ability to withstand pressure, the neckwear could be one of the best-kept secrets in men’s fashion.

“A lot of our customers drive down 95 from Washington to shop at Franco’s,” Valentine said. “Some of the politicians there are big fans. They’ve had Russian ties for years.”

Those who have purchased the ties in the past lauded their ability to blend in seamlessly with a man’s wardrobe. As Dixon put it, “The guy sitting right next to you could have Russian ties and you wouldn’t even know it.”

For those interested in Russian ties, Franco’s will be putting them on display so that they are the first thing customers see upon entering the store.

“We feel like when you have Russian ties, you don’t want to hide them,” said Joel Davis, the store’s merchandising coordinator. “You want to be up-front about them. That way, we’ll know if there’s been any tampering.”  

The sale starts this weekend and runs through July 4. If all goes well, they may do it again.

“We could have Russian ties from now until November,” Valentine said. “You never really know.”

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