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RVA Saving Time Sets Clocks Back 1 Hour and 15 Minutes to Curb Everyone’s Lateness

RICHMOND, Va.  While the rest of the nation sets their clocks forward an hour, Richmond residents are reminded to set their clocks and watches back 1 hour and 15 minutes today in observance of Richmond Saving Time (RST). The unofficial practice, which gained popularity with the advent of texting, social media, and YouTube’s autoplay feature, affords residents a 15 minute grace period for appointments, meetings, and dates.

“Our polls show that while almost all crosstown transit takes exactly 20 minutes, 100 percent of Richmonders surveyed miscalculated trips to be 5 minutes,” commented city spokesperson Maria Sanchez. “Frankly, moving our clocks back an extra 15 minutes is the only way we can get people to show up on time.”

As of press time all of Richmond was “just hopping in the shower now.”

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