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Area Vigilantes Seek Justice Against People Leaving Carts in Grocery Store Aisles

RICHMOND, Va. — Vigilantes hoping to shame people who leave their carts right in the middle of grocery store aisles struck last night at a local Kroger, sources confirmed Tuesday.

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At approximately 5 p.m., a group of unidentified individuals with their faces covered entered the grocery store, located several abandoned carts, and pushed them back to the front of the store while loudly yelling, “Abandoned grocery carts are unfair. Who are you to leave them there? In the future, don’t you dare.”

The vigilante group is calling themselves Fighting Unattended Rolly-Cart Yokels, or FURY. In a written statement left at the targeted Kroger, they declared leaving shopping carts in the middle of the aisle to be an epidemic in the Richmond area, one that they are aiming to end.

Many heard their message loud and clear, including Anna Lumb, who was browsing the produce aisle. She was about abandon her cart when she heard FURY members chanting a few aisles down. “I was really tired, and after five minutes in the store I realized that I had forgotten my grocery list,” Lumb said. “I didn’t want to push the cart all the way to the front of the store, but then I heard their chant and realized the error of my ways.”

Mark Adams, who was purchasing dairy products in the far corner of the store, was also affected by the vigilantes. “I was just buying milk so I didn’t really end up needing a cart,” Adams recounted. “But, then I saw one of those guys just down the aisle, and thought, ‘How selfish would it be to make someone else push my cart back to the front?’ Also, I realized my hand would get cold if I had to carry the milk all the way back to my car.”

However, not everyone is getting the message. A spokesperson for FURY stated that while their protests have highlighted the problem of abandoned shopping carts, they can still walk into any Walmart and find 10 abandoned carts blocking the aisles. “It’s a disgrace—one of monumental proportions!”

As of press time, FURY members could be found distributing “I Always Put Back my Shopping Cart” stickers at the entrance of Target in Henrico County’s White Oak Village shopping center.

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1 Comment on Area Vigilantes Seek Justice Against People Leaving Carts in Grocery Store Aisles

  1. Scott Deaton // May 1, 2019 at 5:34 pm // Reply

    Carts left in the aisle is a problem I’ll admit but carts left in the parking lot in parking spaces is an even bigger problem. The disrespectful people who leave these carts in parking spots are the most despicable human beings alive. I believe your focus should target these people.


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