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Experts Suggest Not Going for Illegal Left Turn on Broad Street Even Though It May Cut Your Commute Time in Half

RICHMOND, Va. — Explaining that a shortened commute wasn’t worth the risks involved, experts at University of Richmond’s School of Broad Street Transportation are advising that motorists not attempt to make illegal left turns on the length of Broad Street that runs from downtown to Scott’s Addition.

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“Our analysis shows that Richmond drivers should refrain from going for the tempting illegal left turn on Broad Street, despite the prospect of getting to your destination significantly quicker,” Patricia Sullivan, a university professor who led the study, said in a statement, adding that the results of the study held true for not only illegal left turns, but illegal U-turns as well.

“We understand that the addition of the GRTC Pulse bus lanes has made trying to negotiate inner city streets more difficult and that it’s tempting to beat the rush hour, but the city’s drivers must not give in. You’ll either get caught by the police, or you’ll become the most hated person in town for creating a catastrophic traffic backup that could stretch as far as Short Pump. You’ll be even more disliked than that cyclist on Monument Avenue that no one can pass for two miles. We don’t know which one would be worst, honestly.”

Sullivan suggested that instead of attempting illegal left turns, citizens should seek alternative solutions to their commutes, including a multitude of right turns to equal one left turn, actually utilizing the Pulse transit system, or never leaving your home for anything ever again.


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