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Nobody Wants to Admit Critically Acclaimed Film Actually Really Boring at French Film Festival

RICHMOND, Va. — At Richmond’s French Film Festival last night, a screening of the critically acclaimed French-language movie “Au Bon Pain” was applauded by the audience, even though they were all visibly bored by it.

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The film tells the story of two feuding brothers making their daily bread as the French Revolution builds momentum in the streets. Although the movie caused a sensation at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, it has very little plot and is mainly just two hours of the main characters looking distraught.

Yet in spite of this extreme tediousness, critics and cinephiles claim to love the film. Brett Huxley, a critic for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, called it “a visual meal-and-a-half for the fine-dining filmgoer.” Although he was photographed sleeping during the screening, Huxley went on to compare the director to Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanley Kubrick.

Also spotted sleeping at the screening was Jonathan Angler, a VCU Arts student. “At first, I was really enjoying the movie since it’s shot really interestingly, like a painting come to life,” Angler said. “But you can’t watch a painting for two hours and not get bored with it.”

However, Angler gave the film four and a half stars out of five on his Letterboxd account, calling it a “cinematic feast for the eyes” and “a refreshing use of pacing and patience in this age of instant gratification and action blockbusters.”

At press time, Angler and Huxley were seen sneaking out of another French Film Festival screening to go watch “Captain Marvel” for the third and fourth times respectively.


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