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Corey Stewart Found Emptying Bottle of Bourbon Over Jefferson Davis’s Grave in Hollywood Cemetery

RICHMOND, Va. — Responding to a noise complaint at approximately 8 a.m. Saturday, Richmond police discovered former gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart sobbing while pouring out a bottle of bourbon over Jefferson Davis’s grave in Hollywood Cemetery.

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Police had been alerted to the disturbance after 911 calls from nearby Oregon Hill residents reported a ghostly, weak moaning carried on the morning wind out of the cemetery. Officers responding to the call quickly traced the wails to a bereft Stewart, who was emptying the contents of a bottle of Virginia Gentleman out over the memorial to the Confederate president.

“We arrived at the scene to see a distraught Corey Stewart at the Davis grave, pouring bourbon out between swigs,” Richmond Police Sergeant Christopher Waynon stated in a press release. “He was clearly intoxicated and in possession of a Confederate flag handkerchief. Mr. Stewart was not deemed to be a threat and complied with our requests.”

Officers removed Stewart from the cemetery but did not press charges for trespassing.

Stewart was later seen weeping in front of the Robert E. Lee monument on Monument Avenue in the morning hours.


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