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Charlottesville Thrash Metal Group Uses Geographical Map-Form of Lake Anna For Their Band Logo

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Claiming that the outline of the lake matches the wretched atmosphere of their music, Charlottesville thrash metal band Spider Cannibalism revealed today that their new logo will be the geographical map of Lake Anna.

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According to guitarist Doug Escariz, the 9,600 acre lake located in the heart of Virginia caught the band’s attention due to its “hardcore” looking shape. “None of us in the band have ever been to Lake Anna, but the way that lake looks on a map makes it seem like it came straight from hell,” Escariz commented in a recent interview.

“We wanted our logo to look nearly indecipherable. Our sound is a unique blend of hardcore thrash metal and hardcore death metal and we wanted a badass logo to represent that. We were looking at a map of Virginia to plot an upcoming tour when we saw the outline of Lake Anna and realized it looked seriously metal as fuck and could look like our band name at first glance.”

Despite their intentions, the new logo has led to some confusion. Some have mistaken the band for representatives of the local tourism board or simply cartography enthusiasts, rather than musicians. However, Escariz  remains optimistic that the band’s new look will pay off in the near future.

“Metal is all about taking risks and generally being scary and confusing,” he continued,  “which is something we feel Lake Anna definitely stands for. We also think this sets us up well for the release of our new album, which, instead of being lame and generic like those normcore weirdos, is just a copy of the Lake Anna visitor’s guide set to music.”


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