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Jeans Still Damp After Seventh Cycle in Fan Apartment Dryer

RICHMOND, Va. — Fan resident Abby Marino reported that even after a seventh run through the dryer, the pair of jeans she was attempting to dry before work were still a little damp.

Marino moved into her apartment, located on the corner of Floyd Avenue and Rowland Street after graduating last winter. She stated that its biggest selling point was that it had a washer and dryer unit, a rare amenity for the area. “I’m grateful that I don’t have to go to a laundromat like a lot of my friends do,” she reported, “but the dryer is so weak, I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it.”

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The dryer, a vintage Maytag circa 1968, has served the apartment’s various residents for decades. While the dryer’s condition has deteriorated over the years, it is still considered functional.

“Only when it wants to be,” Marino amended. “To make matters worse, I have to be careful about when I use it, thanks to the age of the building.”  

Marino told reporters that there’s a strict one-appliance rule in her apartment because if two things are running at the same time the fuse will blow. “One time my roommate turned on the stove while I was blow drying my hair. We didn’t have power for three days,” she recalled.

At press time, Marino reported that she was running late for work and had to resort to wearing an old pair of flare jeans. She remains hopeful that the jeans will be dry by the time she gets home.


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