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New Scott’s Addition Restaurant Features Farm-to-Table Server Staff

RICHMOND, Va. — In an effort to stand out against the hundreds of other businesses in the one square mile that encompasses Scott’s Addition, the neighborhood’s newest restaurant features solely farm-to-table servers, reports revealed Sunday.

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The restaurant, called Buck & Wheat, plans to open next month. Jeremy Skinner, the owner, said he picked the name because it was two words that sound like words you’d hear on a farm, and he only hires server staff straight from local farms to work at the restaurant.

“We ensure that all of the farms we work with treat their servers humanely,” Skinner explained, further commenting on the freshness of his staff. “Everyone we hire has been living cage-free for at least a majority of their lives. We source servers from local farms only. The farthest waitstaff farm that we work with is about two hours away in Rockingham County.”

All servers are certified organic, and Buck & Wheat managers claim that consumers will be able to tell the difference in the servers’ pesticide-free attitudes and grass-fed personalities.

“We drug test to make sure none have been given any kind of steroids, either,” Skinner continued, going into more detail about the nutritional background of the locally sourced servers.

“Many of them have been aged for at least a year, and we make sure the vegan ones were properly treated to a grass-fed diet.”

Buck & Wheat staff members also claim that their servers have never spent any time off of the farm and are sent directly to the restaurant with their homegrown experiences.

“We don’t get these servers through a third party,” Skinner explained. “They come directly to us right off the truck.”

At press time, Buck & Wheat managers were seen putting their servers out in the sun so they would be filled with Vitamin D just in time for their shifts.

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