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Richmond City Council Passes Resolution to Argue More Next Week

RICHMOND, Va. — It was announced this morning that the Richmond City Council successfully passed a resolution granting an immediate continuance to argue more in the coming week.

The resolution passed with a rare unanimous vote and came just as the council was about to be forced to resolve one of the many issues that they all disagree on.

The topic they chose to be laser-focused on not moving forward with was the question of the necessity of a Human Rights Commision for the city. The city council previously managed to put off a vote by holding public hearings, but as those concluded, they were faced with having to actually do something. By passing this resolution, they gave themselves an extension to squabble more and decide later.

“This really grants us the necessary time to continue to indulge in endless deliberation,” said one council member who would only speak with the guarantee of anomonity. “If we actually came to any decisions we would have one less issue to drag out on a daily basis and to all get into a huff about. I am proud of this one, but who knows what those other loons think.”

With the new resolution coming into effect at midnight on Tuesday the entire city council can breathe a sigh of relief, safe in knowing that they can start their bickering fresh on Wednesday and may continue into next week.

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