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Secco Wine Bar Offers Discounted Tasting Menu Upon Proof of Third Divorce

RICHMOND, Va. – Secco Wine Bar, located in the Fan, has just announced a discounted tasting menu for all three-time divorced customers.

Secco originally opened in Carytown in 2009 as an upscale wine bar with a vast array of wines from around the world, and quickly became an inundated hub for divorced individuals. Managers embraced the identity and began catering the menu and happy hour specials to singles who have retracted their marriages.

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In previous years, Secco has offered divorcees free appetizers, drink rebates, and a 15% discount for anyone who makes it through a glass of wine without discussing alimony.

Many of their patrons have only experienced one divorce, but the owners at Secco wanted to extend their reach to a wider range of locals, even ones who are really bad at marriage.

“After my third divorce, I was a loyal patron of Bar Louie,” Secco customer Donald Lewis tells reporters. “But Secco has created such a welcoming, and more importantly discounted, atmosphere for people like me.” Lewis further added that he believes to be Secco the perfect place to meet his fourth ex-wife.

At press time, Secco managers were seen meeting with divorce lawyers, hoping to offer a buy-one-get-one consultation voucher with every bottle of wine purchased.

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