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Wrecked Model Aircraft Voted Nicest Looking Structure in Hopewell

HOPEWELL, Va. — Describing the structure as a marvel in structural architecture for the city’s standards, the citizens of Hopewell have voted that the wrecked model aircraft currently sitting downtown is the nicest looking structure in town, officials announced Thursday. The model Boeing 737, which is being used for filming a spinoff to “The Walking Dead” television series, was called an “attractive feature to the cityscape” in a recent press release. 

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“The mock jumbo jet that’s currently crashed in an intersection downtown is simply gorgeous and is a genuine standout attraction for our humble city,” Steve Colby, a spokesperson for the City of Hopewell, said in the release, noting that the wrecked plane has provided a relief for the current view of the downtown streets and shuttered business storefronts. 

“It’s nice to see some solid revitalization coming to our town,” the release continued, “Even if it’s from Hollywood and only temporary. We’re currently in talks to commemorate the plane by making a full-scale replica monument of it that would ideally be located in the exact same spot in the intersection, which would hopefully counteract the industrial skyline stereotype that we’re known for. A crashed model plane monument sounds like just the thing that could do that. Monument Avenue in Richmond would look like a trailer park in comparison.” 

Colby concluded his statement by revealing that in an effort to raise funds for future renovation plans, the city plans to charge residents $1 if they wish to take a selfie with the model airplane.

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