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Mayor Stoney Seeks Roommate as New Property Assessment Causes Landlord to Increase Rent

RICHMOND, Va. After years of living as a one-man wolf pack, Mayor Levar Stoney recently posted an ad on the community board in City Hall looking for a roommate. 

A building security guard, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, witnessed the city’s 80th mayor attach what looked like a hastily made Word document to the building’s community board. 

“His note said something about the property assessment going up 10% or something, and that his landlord was having to raise the rent on the tenants,” the security guard said. “Even on his six-figure mayoral salary, apparently he needs to cut costs to live downtown.”

Other flyers were reportedly seen in Starbucks, Gold’s Gym, and the lobby of the new Dominion Energy building. Witnesses say the ad was seeking someone who doesn’t mind having a morning person as a roommate, as well as someone who would be willing to give a friend a ride home after a long night of “Mr. Mayor” cocktails at Rappahannock. It also mentioned doing dishes promptly and cleaning the apartment on a weekly basis. One witness also recalled seeing “DO NOT TOUCH MY BLUE SUITS!” boldly written on the ad. 

“I’ve seen a few people pull one of the tabs off with his phone number,” the security guard recounted. “I think I even saw Joe Morrisey pull one off.” 

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