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We Ranked the Two Restaurants in Aylett, Virginia From Best to Worst

KING WILLIAM, Va. — Restaurant week is here in Aylett, Virginia (population: the cousins you never visit) and that means it’s time for The Peedmont to rate the best and worst dining experiences podunk Virginia has to offer.

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After some initial confusion over whether Aylett was, in fact, a real place or just one of those fabled ghost towns that disappears into the mist every 500 years, our team of seasoned restaurant critics eventually learned to just follow the trail of weathered Confederate flags and dilapidated farmhouses.

The Best: Vinny’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria
Located conveniently off U.S. 360, Vinny’s is the classic Italian joint you go to when you’re just too lazy to throw your own spaghetti and red sauce into a pot. Vinny’s was entirely adequate, which is the most anyone who has ever lived in Aylett has been asked to be.

Specialty: If God gave it life, Vinny’s will fry the hell out of it.

Known For: Chicken quesadilla, an apparently Italian classic.

Highlight: Parking was ample.

The Worst: Subway
How do you mess up Subway? I mean, more than Subway is already messed up to begin with. But here we are.

Specialty: The Aylett Subway appears to have invented a new kind of cheese in one of their serving containers. Still unclear if this was intentional.

Known For: Disappointment.

Highlight: It’s been 24 hours since our visit and we still haven’t had to go to the bathroom.

Honorable Mention: Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
Ok, there may be more than two restaurants in Aylett, but who’s counting? The crab rangoon was definitely made by someone who wouldn’t eat crab rangoon to save his life, but man did it taste authentic.


3 Comments on We Ranked the Two Restaurants in Aylett, Virginia From Best to Worst

  1. I’d appreciate it if you would keep your unwanted opinions on my home town to yourself. I have never read a more rude post. I don’t care what fancy college you went to or what culinary school you went to. We here in king William do not need you stupid opinions about our beloved home town. So next time why don’t you say what you have to say to our faces, because I garuntee anyone here in Aylett would defend it to the fullest extent. So to recap, stay away from our town and keep your rude, unintelligent comments to yourself


  2. Cary A. Wightman // November 18, 2018 at 1:59 am // Reply

    The zip code is for Aylett, but there are more restaurants than these two, in Central Garage, VA, Check them all out or stop writing this type of dribble.


  3. I agree completely with the two folks above. The author clearly has never heard of Burger King, Domino’s, or Bojangles, which are up there with the best (e.g. Vinny’s).

    Oh and by the way the Mandarin Fried Chicken Salad at Vinny’s is the best in VA. I don’t care what stupid community college you dropped out of, how many Coor’s lights you drank today, or how many fat chicks you hooked up with in your 20s.


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