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Fan Resident OK With Going Wherever for Dinner Tonight

RICHMOND, Va. — In a classic case of dining indifference, a local Fan resident is OK with going wherever for dinner tonight, sources confirmed Saturday.

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According to reports, Floyd Avenue residents Jimmy Bell and Andrea Kendrick began to map out their dinner plans around 12:30 pm. However, despite the many restaurants proposed by Bell, Kendrick remained indecisive and indifferent towards nailing down a dinner spot.

“I’m not really in the mood for anything in particular,” Kendrick stated, adding that she was fine with all of the following: Chinese, comfort food, pub grub, tacos, Italian, pizza, burgers, craft sandwiches, Mongolian-Andalusian vegan tapas concepts with all-natural ingredients, and sushi.

“I’m up for whatever,” Kendrick added with a shrug. “Stella’s would be nice, but there’s also that new barbecue place in Scott’s Addition that supposed to be really good. I’ve also heard good things about Brenner Pass. Anywhere that’s not too expensive but is still halfway decent and not a long drive works for me.”

Bell explained that the scenario has been frustrating on his end, saying he’s been suggesting restaurants to no avail. “I named off every restaurant in Carytown, Church Hill, and Shockoe. I’m running out of ideas, I wish she would just pick a damn place before I resort to proposing places on Southside.”

After another hour of dining contemplation, the situation seemed to take a turn toward a solution when Shagbark was proposed and enthusiastically accepted. However, the idea was immediately discarded upon learning that the restaurant was closed for a private event.

Bell and Kendrick were last seen having beers at Ardent while rigorously searching Yelp for well-reviewed restaurants in the Richmond metro area.

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