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Chesterfield County Republican Committee Defies National Party Tradition by Having, Enforcing Behavioral Standards

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — The Chesterfield County Republican Committee sent shockwaves through the political realm yesterday afternoon when it announced its ouster of Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) from the local party organization.

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A letter from the CCRC informed Chase that, due to a series of controversies that upset other Republicans, the senator would no longer be permitted to cast votes on local party matters. The move is significant as it marks the first time that a Republican group at any level of government has held one of its own to account for his or her behavior.

“Senator Chase has shown that her values no longer align with those of the Chesterfield GOP,” said Tara Carrol, chairwoman of the local branch of a national political party that carries water for a man accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct. “She’s crossed the line, and the Committee has deemed it appropriate to dissolve any association with Senator Chase, effective immediately.”

Incidentally, the “line” that was crossed, per the CCRC, was not Chase’s Facebook proclamation that unarmed rape victims are “naive,” but that she supported the opponent of the CCRC’s chosen candidate for Chesterfield County Sheriff. This proved a bridge too far for members of the party that routinely perpetrates racial gerrymandering and voter suppression schemes across the country.

For her part, Chase denied any wrongdoing, claiming that her choice for sheriff, independent Tea Party conservative Rahn Kersey, is “more of a Republican” than the incumbent, Sheriff Karl Leonard, ostensibly implying that Mr. Kersey is more inclined to solicit foreign interference in an American election or embrace neo-nazis as “very fine people” on a public forum.

“I will not back down,” Chase said on Twitter following the CCRC’s unprecedented announcement of public accountability for a GOP official. “I’ve spent my entire life as a Republican, and the whole idea of having consequences for our own kind is absolutely absurd. It goes against everything Republicans stand for!”

Chase then replied to her own tweet, declaring, “I curse you, CCRC! I curse the people of Chesterfield! A THOUSAND YEAR BLIGHT ON YOUR WHEAT HARVESTS!!!”

At the time of reporting, the Committee released an additional, contradicting statement confirming that Senator Chase will still be on the November ballot as the Republican candidate, and that she will continue to have CCRC’s full support for her re-election.

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2 Comments on Chesterfield County Republican Committee Defies National Party Tradition by Having, Enforcing Behavioral Standards

  1. Larry Miller // October 12, 2019 at 2:04 pm // Reply

    As a former Chairman of the CCRC and one who has also run afoul of the swamp rats in the old guard I must say that they have succeeded in placing the party over the good of the people and no longer deserve the support of the populace of the county.


  2. Good for the CCRC for having the courage to reject racist lunatics. Good for them. She is unstable.


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