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Nationals Fans Excited to Watch Their Dreams Die One Week Later Than Usual

WASHINGTON — After celebrating their franchise’s first NLDS series victory in its 50-year history, Washington Nationals fans expressed excitement for the opportunity to lose later in October than they’ve been accustomed to otherwise, officials confirmed Friday. 

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“It’s surreal,” John Edgell, a lifelong fan of the team, exclaimed ahead of the MLB team’s inevitable loss to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series. “I mean, even when the team was good—like, really good, you know like when Ryan Zimmerman was still hitting—by this time of year, I’d be wasting my time with the Redskins. But thanks to Howie Kendrick’s extra-inning heroics on Wednesday, I get to put that off another week.”

“We can’t wait to lose even closer to the World Series than normal,” Edgell added. “Getting booted out of the postseason at this point will be something to celebrate, for damn sure.”

At the time of reporting, a source close to the team revealed The Nationals are expected to start perennial Cy Young contender Max Scherzer for their NLCS Game 1 loss. 

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