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Lincoln Memorial Receives Complaints for Blocking Views of Fans in Stands

HOUSTON, Tx. — Complaining that the statue’s enormous figure was keeping them from seeing the game, fans at Minute Maid Park say the Lincoln Memorial obstructed views for many during game six of the World Series, sources reported Tuesday evening. 

The memorial, who travelled from our nation’s capital to see the Washington Nationals play the Houston Astros, was seated in section 211, causing aggravation amongst nearby patrons.

“This is ridiculous,” Steven Leigh, an Astros fan seated two rows behind 19- foot statue, said in a Facebook post that showed his view of the ballpark completely obstructed by a wall of white marble.

“I can appreciate who he is and that he traveled all the way to Texas to see his team play, but he really should have had some kind of special accommodation set up for this. I can’t even see the jumbotron, for heaven’s sake.”

At the time of reporting, the rafters located directly above Lincoln’s seat sustained significant damage as the memorial stood up to participate in the wave with the rest of the crowd. 

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