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Monument Avenue Millionaire Hands out Full-Sized Candy Bars Like Some Kind of Big Shot

RICHMOND, Va. — On All Hallows’ Eve, eleventh-generation Richmonder Edward Bellingham didn’t skimp on the sweet treats and reportedly handed out nothing but the good stuff all night long.

A wealthy resident of Monument Avenue, Bellingham skipped giving out fun-sized Costco candy like a normal, middle-class American, and instead only handed out full candy bars like some kind of big shot, trick-or-treaters confirmed Thursday morning.

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According to multiple pint-sized ghosts and ghouls, Old Man Bellingham really brought his A game to Halloween this year. Seventh-grader and self-proclaimed candy connoisseur Emily Carley claimed that the larger-than-normal candy was certainly the highlight of the evening.

“Mr. Bellingham was definitely king of the Fan last night, no question about it,” Emily commented. “The guy was just handing out regular Twix and Snickers bars left and right to anyone who knocked on his door. It was like Halloween, Christmas, and my bat mitzvah all rolled into one.”

Emily also added that she hit up Bellingham’s house later in the evening for a second, equally successful visit. “I even went back again about an hour later. He must not have remembered my ladybug costume, because I walked away with two more Kit Kat bars. Score!”

Alex Jerrome, 10, was another satisfied trick-or-treater at Bellingham’s multi-story Tudor mansion. “Even my friends who were hitting houses in Windsor Farms didn’t get the good stuff like this. They just got stuck with a bunch of stupid Godiva bars and Lindor truffles.”

Not everyone was as lucky on that night though. Sources also reported multiple incidents of VCU students handing out leaflets on veganism and lecturing younger trick-or-treaters on the importance of voting in local elections.

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