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Fodder for President Trump’s Twitter Feed Retakes Virginia Senate

RICHMOND, Va. — After a grueling campaign season, the Democrats of Virginia successfully elected new targets to provide plenty of fodder for President Trump’s Twitter feed, the results confirmed Tuesday evening. 

“It was a big fight that took a lot of hard work, dedication, and targeted political ads, but we’re excited to provide a source of material for Trump’s popular Twitter feed,” Dan Schyler, a representative from the Virginia Democratic Party said in a statement, speaking about the party’s control of the state government for the first time in over two decades. “We spent a lot of effort in canvassing and hitting the streets to make sure we could retake the Senate and provide a near infinite amount of inspiration for the President’s social media,” Schyler continued. “We are proud to give an overwhelming amount of fodder for Trump to play with for the remainder of his tenure in office. We just can’t wait to see what his first tweet regarding our legislative action will be.” 

At the time of reporting, aides close to the President revealed he was preparing a lengthy tweet demanding a recount of votes from around the commonwealth and accusing Gov. Ralph Northam of using blackface to vote more than once.


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