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New App Scrubs Tinder Pictures of Men Fishing, Women Shooting

ARLINGTON, Va. — In an attempt to alleviate a common issue with Tinder profiles, the developers behind the popular dating app have created a new expansion that helps eliminate the large numbers of photos showing men fishing and women shooting firearms.

The new app, called Blindr, is being offered as a package with Tinder. In recent years, users have complained that, in a sad attempt to appear outdoorsy and relatable, almost every male user has included a shirtless picture of himself fishing or holding a recently caught fish, while almost every female user has featured a photo of herself shooting a gun. Blindr scans each profile and removes these photos, leaving only profile pictures that include Snapchat filters, wedding shots, and photos most commonly described as “brunch with my besties.”

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App developer, Phil Snead explained the purpose behind this expansion. “We want our users to show their individuality but, unfortunately, to many people, that meant posing like a Dick’s Sporting Goods catalogue model,” Snead said. “Blindr thus forces users to come up with more unique photos that show they are more than a participant in a transparent scheme to pirate personal data.”

A recent George Mason University study found that men gravitate towards fishing photos in order to show that they can provide for their prospective mate by displaying their prowess at being shirtless and catching farm-raised guppies in a man-made lake. These same men who were polled also wanted to communicate to any spouse that they typically spend a large portion of their weekends participating, and often failing, in one of mankind’s oldest means of subsistence whilst severely intoxicated.

The women polled in that same study tended to gravitate towards pictures of themselves shooting. Many of these women tried to communicate that they “weren’t like other girls” while also being very much like most other girls. The study also concluded that most women featured in these photos wanted to communicate that they were skilled in operating high-powered killing machines, which is in no way a threat.

Overall, Blindr has been a stunning success and has been downloaded by almost every Tinder user throughout the United States since its launch. Snead was heartened by these results, “I think Blindr’s success shows that men and women want to break the mold and really show a more unique side of themselves. Now our users can continue to show how utterly vapid and ordinary they are in more exciting ways.”

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