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The Peedmont Presents – Top 10 Articles Over 10 Years

The 2010s were full of dynamic stories and events, so we wanted to look back at some of the biggest highlights in the news over the past 10 years.

Trump Team Accidentally Starts Border Wall At South Of The Border Resort

In early 2017, the Donald Trump initiated the construction of one of his biggest campaign promises: a wall built along the United States-Mexico border that would help combat illegal immigration. After a lengthy drive down I-95 from Washington, the President’s staff reached what they believed to be the nation’s southern border and began construction of the wall. However, they had actually reached the iconic South Of The Border that rests at the state line between North and South Carolina, and started building the 20’’ wall through the attraction’s popular fireworks store.

Henrico Woman Receives 23andMe Results, Horrified to Discover Family Is From Petersburg

A Henrico woman was furious after discovering her Petersburg heritage through the ancestry-testing service 23andMe in 2018, calling the discovery “something to complain about for the rest of her life.” Confident that her findings must have been a grave mistake, she reportedly reached out to the Petersburg City Government in an effort to confirm her findings. 

May 2013: Restaurant You Love Opened. August 2013: That Restaurant Closes

Article lost due to Russian hackers.

Partly due to both the competitiveness of the Richmond restaurant market and the fact that you’re the only one who likes Ukranian-fusion tapas enough to support an establishment that specializes in it, your new favorite restaurant that opened in May of 2013 went on to close just a few months later in August 2013. The owners are reportedly working on another idea for a restaurant with an obscure specialty that you’ll be a regular at for the entire two months they manage to exist. 

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty to Assault, Sentenced to Five Years of Living in Tappahannock Again

Singer and entertainer Chris Brown was arrested on assault charges in 2018, which led to him being sentenced to living in his hometown of Tappahannock for five years as punishment. Brown was incarcerated at the old Debtor’s Prison in a room that was converted into a small cell, and reportedly was forced to dine at Lowery’s Seafood Restaurant every night

Chesapeake Bay To Be Drained, Cleaned, Refilled On Thursday

2017 also saw the Chesapeake Bay to be completely drained and scrubbed one Thursday afternoon by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Peebles Aquatics, a Hampton Roads-based pool cleaning company, was contracted for the job, and utilized massive amounts of bleach, Britta filters, and Febreeze to complete the cleaning.

Ja Rule Announces Plans to Host Fyre Festival 2 on Tangier Island

After the initial Fyre Festival ended in disaster, Ja Rule announced plans to host a sequel to the festival on Tangier Island in 2019. Rule promised over a dozen of bands and DJs at the festival that would take place on the 1.2 square mile island in the Chesapeake Bay that’s home to approximately 70 people. 

McDonnell Disappointed That He Can’t Sell His Wife to Pay for Their Corruption Trial Legal Fees

Article lost following a bender involving our editorial staff that lasted three days.

During the highly publicized 2014 trial involving both him and his wife Maureen, former Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell attempted to sell Maureen to pay for the mounting legal fees. McDonnell, who faced federal corruption charges for receiving improper gifts and loans from a Virginia businessman, was disappointed that he wasn’t able to make some extra cash from pawning off his significant other, claiming it was “a necessary evil to help the family move on from all of this.”

Richmond Prepared to Evacuate if Short Pump Continues to Grow

City officials in 2016 announced that Richmond was undergoing precautionary evacuation procedures in the event of Short Pump’s continued growth. Citing the spread of tacky chain shops, disappointing franchise restaurants, and a snobbish atmosphere, Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency in advance of Short Pump possibly becoming unstable.

State Capitol Janitor Frank Surprised to Find He’s Virginia’s New Governor

Following the 2019 yearbook scandal that plagued Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, the sexual assault accusations towards Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, and Attorney General Mark Herring’s admittance of wearing blackface in college, the groundskeeper of the state capitol Frank was surprised to find that he was Virginia’s new governor one morning. He was reported as saying “I figured there would at least be a low-level intern before me, but this is cool too, I guess.”

UCI Bike Race Named Most Overhyped Event Since the Burning of Richmond

Link misplaced along with the majority of the revenue promised to Richmond businesses

For nine days in September of 2015 the world fixed its gaze upon Richmond. And by world, we mean the handful of people who care about competitive road cycling. Trees were pruned, temporary bridges were erected, and the city’s signature pot-holes ceased to exist. Richmonders were told to prepare for an apocalypse of foreigners eager to watch people in tight pants pedal past statues of racists. In the end, the nine day snooze fest amounted to little more than traffic snarls and wasted effort. Richmond earned just two cents of revenue for every taxpayer dollar spent preparing the city to host its very own Tour de Dunce. 
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