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Bartender Nearing Last Call Can’t Wait to Hear Your Super Original Cover of “Closing Time” at Karaoke

NORFOLK, Va. — Nearing the end of a stressful night, Brian Nasteff, a bartender at popular downtown restaurant and karaoke spot Sully’s Pub, can’t wait to hear your unique and inventive cover of “Closing Time,” sources confirmed Friday.

Released in 1998, the hit Semisonic song is a popular anthem at bars and other nightlife venues. According to Nasteff, bar staff around the world have definitely not gotten tired of the lyrics that are drunkenly screamed by frat guys shitfaced on Bud Light every Friday and Saturday night, and he personally is looking forward to your take on the song when it’s your turn at karaoke.

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“Oh great, there are the opening riffs at the start of the track, and now everyone is cheering,” Nasteff commented with enthusiasm, adding that he’s sure you’ve got a few creative ideas for the rest of the song. “Now you’re dedicating this song to your wasted friends and asking the rest of the bar to sing along during the chorus. Wow man, really cool.”

“That’s definitely never, ever, ever been done before,” he added. “Never, ever.”

According to eyewitness accounts, Nasteff isn’t alone in his yearning to hear you sing a song that has been forced upon him hundreds of times out of the year. Sarah Tollier, a barback at the restaurant, is also excited to see your potential. “I’m sure your ending will be nothing short of an intoxicated passion that you won’t remember 25 minutes from now. Can’t wait!”

Nasteff’s final thoughts for the evening involved a suggestion for your completely imaginative performance of a tune that may or may not have contributed to restaurant staff quitting their jobs the following day.

“You should definitely toast the entire bar at the end of the song. I’m sure that will totally be a really special moment, or something.”

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