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Gun Group Mistakenly Shows up at Capital One Café

RICHMOND, Va. — Expressing some confusion as they walked into the coffee shop and bank situated in the heart of Carytown, a visiting gun group mistakenly showed up to Capital One Café for today’s gun rally instead of the State Capitol, officials confirmed Monday.

“Whoops, wrong capitol, I guess,” Don Tranker, one of the rally attendees who traveled from Kentucky, explained as he sipped the coffee he purchased while waiting for other Second Amendment advocates to show up.

“I thought the location seemed off at first, and that maybe we had stumbled into a gift shop at the State Capitol or something. But when I saw all of these young people with their lattes and laptops sitting around, I figured we had found a bunch of them libtard dems hard at work coming up with socialist laws that violate our constitutional rights, so we decided to stick around and wait for reinforcements.”

Tranker went on to say that he was surprised when he and his fellow pro-gun friends, all of whom were carrying multiple exposed and concealed weapons, caused some commotion amongst the establishment’s customers upon walking into the building.

“All we did was walk into a bank with some guns at our side. What’s the big deal? Talk about sensitive.”

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