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Instagram Photo of Flight of Beer Wins Best Picture of Virginia Award

WAYNESBORO, Va. — Following a very tough competition involving artistic photographs taken all over the state, the Richmond Times-Dispatch announced today the winner of the 2017 Best Overall Virginia Photograph is a picture of a craft beer flight posted on Instagram. The photo of the flight, which was taken at Blue Mountain Brewery outside of Waynesboro, depicted multiple samples of the brewery’s featured beers.

Times-Dispatch Marketing Director Emily Mitchell spoke about the award, noting that the picture was submitted by Instagram user Steve2020_YOLO. “This stylish picture symbolizes our vibrant culture of plastering our beer and wine pictures all over social media as if our friends cared about our Saturday afternoon beverage choices,” Mitchell explained. “The most striking feature of this iPhone shot is the ‘Process’ color setting that it was taken in. That’s true artistic photography at its finest.”

A picture of someone doing yoga on a hiking trail off of Skyline Drive and a selfie taken at the James River took second and third places, respectively.

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