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Sheetz and The Veil Brewing Team up to Make Regular Unleaded IPA

RICHMOND, Va. — Hoping to capture the suburban dad market, The Veil Brewing Co. and Sheetz, Inc. have announced a joint partnership to develop Regular Unleaded IPA. 

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Sheetz isn’t a newcomer to the craft beer market as they have previously released Project Brewberry Muffinz in conjunction with Evil Genius Beer Company. While they found limited success, Sheetz’s director of new product development, Ron Tripleton, said the company was looking for a beer with a “little more nuts to it” for the type of discerning man who changes his own oil and orders buffalo wings from a gas station. 

Sheetz chose Richmond as a test market because of its craft beer scene and approached The Veil with a partnership opportunity after noticing the brewer’s penchant for consistently hawking weird sounding flavor combinations on Facebook.

“The market for hipster beers is pretty well saturated right now,” said Jacques Freeman, chief creative brewmaster at The Veil. “We thought we’d try to make something for the anti-hipster.”

The beer is rumored to be a heady mixture of roasted hops, hot dog water, and the sweet, sweet smell of 87 octane on a hot summer day. Tripleton said he hopes it will corner the market of middle-aged men who like a pair of pristine white New Balance shoes and Columbia fishing shirts who need a beer to connect with their stepsons. They are really aiming for the niche market that is currently dominated by Coors Light.

Sheetz will test the beer in the Richmond market to determine its viability for national distribution at other locations and plans to offer free samples of the new brew to anyone who purchases a car wash on February 8 at participating Sheetz locations.

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