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In Brave Move, Richmond City Council Condemns HIV/AIDS

RICHMOND, Va. — In an unprecedented move, the Richmond City Council voted to condemn AIDS today, unanimously agreeing that HIV was terrible, sources confirmed Wednesday.

This resolution came after the City Council once again failed to vote on removing Confederate monuments, which led to members spontaneously condemning HIV/AIDS out of nowhere.

“This is a historic day,” City Council president Chris Hilbert said. “We have finally addressed a darkness in our past. We have come together to acknowledge that AIDS has killed many Richmonders, and today we come together to remember them with this momentous resolution.”  

The resolution merely condemns AIDS, and it includes no funding for HIV prevention and treatment methods, nor does it allow for AIDS to be discussed in Richmond City Public Schools family life education classes. According to Hilbert, however, the council feels that if they acknowledge that AIDS is real and that many people died from it, it will lead Richmonders to educate themselves on it.   

“Many Richmonders just don’t realize the negative impact AIDS has had on our community,” Hilbert continued. “It was quite a battle for the council to arrive at this conclusion, and we hope this resolution will inspire them to open any history book and learn about it for themselves.”  

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