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Study: Trip to Iceland Causes Lasting Damage to Instagram Feed, Friendships Overall

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — A recent study published by the University of Virginia suggests that trips to Iceland can cause lasting damage to relationships, primarily through incessant Instagram posts and nonstop references in everyday conversations.

The three-year study tracked millennials who had recently returned from Iceland, measuring trends in their social media posts and the frequency of references to Iceland throughout the day. Researchers plotted any subsequent friction in relationships or strain in friendships and discovered a significant correlation.

The startling findings suggest that while Iceland’s cheap airfare, charming local population, and stunning natural beauty make for a fantastic trip for young people, the resulting fixation proves to be a lethal cocktail to even the strongest friendships.

“We found a direct link between trips to Iceland and being unfollowed on Instagram,” head researcher Jason Iverson commented. “Trip duration doesn’t necessarily factor in; even two-hour layovers in Reykjavik are potent enough to cause a significant decrease in followers.”

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Researchers detected several trends early on in the study, including incessant Instagramming of glaciers, waterfalls, and that wrecked plane and Facebook rhapsodies praising the “overwhelming kindness of the Icelandic people” and “stark beauty of the frozen landscape.”

According to head researcher Iverson, the test subjects were unable to stop mentioning Iceland, which inevitably drove most friendships to ruin.

“Not only did the subjects not shut up about Iceland in everyday conversation, they often went on to try to show their friends and colleagues photos on their iPhones,” Iverson commented. “We’re hesitant to categorize this behavior as a disorder, but it’s certainly painful for all those involved.”

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4 Comments on Study: Trip to Iceland Causes Lasting Damage to Instagram Feed, Friendships Overall

  1. Hahahaha great article!! I’ve seen so much Iceland stuff on my feed haha!


  2. Could you please give us an access to this study please.


  3. It was worth it! lol

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  4. amie smith // July 13, 2017 at 5:07 pm // Reply

    not if you have nice friends. Friends don’t get jealous.

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