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Scientists Warn Richmond Skyline Will Run Out of Photographs by 2024 at Current Rate

RICHMOND, Va. — A recent scientific study has revealed that the Richmond skyline could run out of photographic potential by the year 2024.

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Due to the prevalence of camera phones and the popularity of social media, the rate at which pictures of the Richmond skyline are being taken has reached a dangerous level. “Ecosystem structure and emergent global patterns determine the amount of annual photos the skyline can sustain,” explained lead researcher Robert Stafford. “Because of the unanticipated rise in camera accessibility, the skyline is currently under much more pressure than it can handle.”

Researchers are working on a skyline sustainability program, encouraging residents to instead paint pictures of the skyline or describe it in words. “We also urge residents to recycle their old skyline pictures, for instance the ones stored up in their phones or photos already published,” Stafford added.

Local scientists hope that raising awareness of the dire consequences may produce change but acknowledge that efforts will be an ongoing endeavor.

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