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Virginia Department of Health Orders Boil Air Notice for Entire State

RICHMOND, Va. — Acknowledging the health threat of the state’s eight “presumptive positive” cases of coronavirus, on Wednesday morning the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) issued a boil air notice for the entire state. 

“Due to the looming threat of COVID-19, we have decided to issue a boil air notice for the state of Virginia, effective immediately,” the organization said in an online statement while providing instructions on the safest and most efficient way to boil breathable air.

“It is necessary to boil your breathing air for at least three minutes before inhaling, and if you have the ability to, it’s recommended that you refrigerate any leftover air for later consumption in properly sanitized containers. It’s also strongly encouraged to boil not only the air you breathe inside your home, but also any air you come across outside your home that you plan to breathe.”

The VDH acknowledges that coronavirus is not airborne and that its primary method of transmission involves respiratory droplets from an infected person; however, they have issued the notice regardless as a precautionary measure. 

In addition to boiling water, they are encouraging people to avoid large crowds and even self-quarantine. Despite the VDH’s own warnings, there has been no indication as to whether they will force the cancellation of the Nottoway County Long Distance Spittin’ Competition held annually the first weekend of April. 

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