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Kroger Self-Checkout Scanner Refuses to Accept That You Moved Your Last Item From the Bagging Area

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Local Kroger customers have reported that the store’s scanners are refusing to cooperate during the self-checkout process.

Customer Jennifer Miller told reporters that she was unable to put her item in her bag quickly enough. “It kept telling me to scan things I had already scanned after I put them in the bagging area,” she said, while rocking back and forth on the sidewalk. “I ended up scanning a single avocado 12 times, but I was too scared to tell someone.”


Another customer told reporters that he inadvertently set his phone down in the bagging area while checking out. “The scanner sent out a code red, thinking I was trying to steal from Kroger,” shopper Adam Burkholder said. “A team from security had to come and prove to the scanner that I was innocent.”

Kroger executives put out a statement to reporters saying that the scanners will remain as they are and that they improve efficiency and allow customers to avoid unnecessary human interaction.

When reached for comment, the scanner remarked, “Please wait for assistance. Customer service representative will be with you shortly.”

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