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Quarantined Museum District Neighbors Beautifully Sing GWAR’s “Saddam a Go-Go” From Balconies

RICHMOND, Va. — A group of quarantined neighbors on the 1900 block of Grove Avenue helped pass the time by singing Gwar’s popular song “Saddam a Go-Go” in unison, sources confirmed Tuesday.

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According to Lauren Dunivant, an accountant who has been working from home since last week, the harmonic singing of the opening song from the band’s 1994 album ‘This Toilet Earth’ started around 11:30 a.m.

“I was about to make lunch,” she explained, “when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like my neighbor Steve shouting outside. At first I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, but I opened up my window just in time to hear him sing ‘she was a part-time antichrist, our sex went off like a bomb,’ and I knew right away that it was the classic by Richmond’s favorite band.”

Captivated, Dunivant says she started to join in on the singing along with Chelsea Stewarts, a friend who lives across the street. By the time they reached the song’s bridge of “the running paper tiger chases its own tail, hail Saddam a go-go,” the entire block had joined in. 

“It was so beautiful to see the community coming together during these tough times,” Dunivant continued. “To sing a song calling out political capitalists in the bloodiest way possible. Our community really needed that.”

Timothy Nadier, another resident on the block, compared the experience to a flock of blue jays chirping away on a beautiful afternoon.

“I opened my window to see all of my neighbors perched on their balconies, belting out the lyrics to one of my favorite songs,” he said. “It was really poignant to hear all of us sing ‘as we sit on our roofs and cheer as your scuds fall like rain’ in unison. What a moment that was.”

He added that at one point a neighbor who lived a few houses down began playing a trumpet to fill in for the song’s horn section. 

“Moments like this restore my faith in humanity,” Nadier continued. “After Landon from across the street started spraying the houses with his garden hose, it was like we were at an actual Gwar show, like we were all as one. I went back inside knowing that we’re going to pull through this virus together; we’re going to survive.” 

The end of the song was highlighted by an unknown resident throwing a paper mache bloodied head with a print of Saddam Hussein’s face attached out of his balcony window into the windshield of a Nissan Altima. 

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