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The National to Offer To-Go Concerts During Pandemic

RICHMOND, Va. — In an effort to aid the community’s quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, The National has announced it will be offering its upcoming concert schedule in a to-go format, the music venue announced Tuesday.

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The venue, which has a capacity of roughly 1,500 attendees, announced the plan on their Facebook page, where they explained the details of their new “To-Go Show” packages.

“The health and safety of our community is our top priority, which is why we’re happy to give people the chance to literally experience a live show in their living room,” the venue’s Facebook post reads. “Effective today, on a first-come first-serve basis, fans can order a concert from our upcoming schedule to be enjoyed in the comfort and safety of their own living space.”

Fans will be allowed to order the show for the price of three regular admission tickets, plus fees of course. The venue says the feature is available strictly to-go only, with no delivery option. Customers will have the option of renting some audio equipment, such as speakers and the soundboard, for an additional fee. Each concert ordered will also come with someone from the venue’s security staff.

“You’ll be responsible for transportation of the band to and from your house, along with any booze they may want to pick up along the way. We’ll do our best to have them ready for you in time, but please understand that this is the music industry, and nothing runs on time here.”

The announcement has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response, with many fans expressing excitement for the concerts they plan to order. Thomas Knight of Midlothian compared the idea to the experience that comes with seeing local bands in a more intimate setting.

“This will be just like the good old days, when you could see a band play in a cramped space with shitty sound with about six other people,” Knight said. “That’s exactly why I’m ordering Black Flag, since that was basically their entire existence in the 1980s. Plus, with only a handful of people in the audience, we’ll be practicing social distancing, even with the moshing. Win-win.”

Patrong Michelle McLemore said she plans to order The Legwarmers, the popular ‘80s tribute band that regularly plays at the venue. “Hardly anyone came to the ‘80s-themed party I threw last year, so I’m hoping I can get a few people to come over for this one. If they can help me move the couch from the living room into the kitchen, then they can come do ‘The Safety Dance’ with me.”

The National concluded their statement by saying they were not responsible for any personal property damages that may occur from the result of hosting a private concert in your living room.

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