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Mayor Stoney: “I Did Not Celebrate 4/20, Please Stop Asking”

Levar Stoney listens to Virginia Gov-elect Terry McAuliffe during a news conference at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Monday, Nov. 18, 2013. McAuliffe announced that Stoney will Secretary of the Commonwealth in his administration. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

RICHMOND, Va. — After fielding repeated inquiries from the city’s residents, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney officially responded in a statement this morning that he did not celebrate 4/20, an unofficial holiday for marijuana smokers. “I’ve been getting asked this consistently over the past couple of days so let’s settle this once and for all: I did not celebrate the stoner holiday,” a visibly exasperated Stoney announced while scrolling through his Facebook feed on his laptop. “Here’s another one, a post on the Facebook page: ‘Yo Stoney! How much you blaze last Thursday? Make it a holiday and shut the city down! WOO?!! – Jammy.’ I’m busy trying to improve this city. Let’s focus on that,” Stoney said. The mayor ended the impromptu conference by slamming his laptop shut in frustration after reading a post asking “Yo Stoney, you trying to buy?”

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11 Comments on Mayor Stoney: “I Did Not Celebrate 4/20, Please Stop Asking”

  1. I’m just asking where is the mayor at in person? His mistake (and I am only 2 years older) is thinking that social media is the way to do things. He was a personable person in all his commercials. Yet he has just appears to be in that giant useless tower of a city hall. Don’t do what Jones did. You are hiding when it is time for you to be out on Main Street, where things are growing. When is time for you to be immediately out were there is any type of murder. Of the police or not of the police. Get out of the tower dude. You were poor, go to where the poor people are and stop thinking about Washington and what they want you do Show yourself with the growth of Richmond and link it to how the rest of Richmond can grow dude.


  2. *appeared. Why don’t we know what the Mayor of our city is doing every day? Can anyone from that city hall tell me that?


  3. Get out there dude. This is a major city. All its waiting for is you. Talk about transparency. What’s more transparent then having things the mayors office (because some of us know its not just you) made. If you can’t afford it then we will. Some of us poor people are counting on you. Don’t let us down Stoney. If you let them screw you we all get screwed.


  4. You are one of us and don’t ever forget that. Get off the Democrat train and get on the Richmond train and be about Richmond. Maybe you are doing that but we don’t see it. You need to get out and shake hands like you did for your campaign. If you don’t do it dude. Those of us who live in section 8 will get screwed. Don’t let us get screwed. We are actually trying to do something. Don’t let them take our chance away. Vet here and I voted for you. Get out there dude.


  5. It’s an embarrassment that you are on here talking about weed. Some of us are counting on you. Get out there and show and prove. You know what we are going through. Stop bowing down to party politics. Maybe you need to find a way to go at the council. Come up with something huge and see if they approve it. Everyone knows the city council is a good ole boy system.


  6. You can do something that gets on the news every week. Don’t treat this like its just a stop on your way to being a Senator. They took your budget and you let them, which I would have done too but what have you done back. Just be mayor? Get off your ass and be mayor for real.


  7. The children are going to school in idiot factories. Its time you come with something big and unassailable about school and the kids. And see what the good ole boys and girls say about that. Do something big dude. They took their turn. It’s your turn…… we are waiting.

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  8. ….

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  9. That’s cool… I don’t celebrate Black History Month, nobody cares about weed anymore anyways.

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  10. It’s funny how this parody news story has serious comments. Take a chill pill, guys.

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  11. After three strikes from voters for a Mayor in 10 years, bring back a City Manager Government.

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