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Famed Richmond Pornstar “Hard E. Wood” Retires

RICHMOND, Va. — After a long and illustrious career, famed adult film star and Richmond native Hard E. Wood has retired from the industry. Having spent nearly three decades honing his craft, Wood was renowned for the sense of gravity that he brought to every role he took. While he was unequivocally hung, all can agree that it was his unique cadence and “bedroom bravado” that made him a semi-household name.

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Starting out as an unknown in the adult film industry, it would take several years of hard work and failed projects before Wood got his first taste of success in the period porno “The Last Stand of Stoneballs Jackson.” Stoneballs Jackson would prove to be the then young actor’s most enduring role, spawning sequels such as “Stoneballs Rides Again and Again and Again” and “A Visit to Stoneballs’ Shrine.”

Outselling all of his other works, of course, was the cult VHS classic “Stoneballs Jackson Returns,” which tells the tale of Stoneballs’ spirit inhabiting one of his many statues and taking a randy romp through the streets of modern-day Richmond.

Despite his departure from the genre, Hard E. Wood promised that he would be keeping “one eye on the industry.” It should be noted, of course, that any connection between Mr. Wood’s pseudonym and a popular local brewery is completely coincidental.

Notable Filmography:
– “The Sailors Get Sandwiched”
– “Scott’s Huge Addition”
– “The Well-Hung Haunts of Hollywood Cemetery”

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