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Siegel Center Sues White House Over Name “House of Havoc”

WASHINGTON – Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over use of the branded phrase “House of Havoc” in reference to the White House.

VCU created the term “House of Havoc” when Shaka Smart led the university basketball team to the March Madness Final Four in 2011. However, ever since the Trump administration came into office, the White House initiated the same nickname.

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“We’re getting so many huge things done here, it’s really something havoc-like, really huge,” President Donald Trump said in an interview. “Between the COVID-19 crisis, reopening certain states, and finding ways to make it look like everything is Nancy Pelosi’s fault, there’s no telling what kind of mayhem we’ll get into next.”

Since VCU wants to separate itself from the politically-charged atmosphere of Washington, it’s bringing the White House to court.

“We’re swapping out our own staff faster than Rhoades subs his players in during the latter half of a game,” Trump added.

Selena Menendez, a spokesperson for the VCU legal counsel, discussed the lawsuit in a recent Peedmont interview. “The use of the ‘House of Havoc’ brand is a clear infringement of our ownership of all things chaotic and tumultuous,” explained Menendez.

“While the White House has certainly had its fair share of havoc over the past few months, they can’t just take our tagline.”

Menendez concluded by suggesting the White House change its name to avoid the pending lawsuit.

“We advise them to use a different slogan, such as ‘House of Mayhem,’ ‘House of Chaos,’ or ‘House of Potentially Bringing Down an Entire Country.’”

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