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Richmond Young Professional Only Mentions “Lower Cost of Living” 34 Times in Conversation with D.C. Colleagues

WASHINGTON — At a recent Capital One team conference in Washington D.C., Richmond resident Alicia Erikson took it upon herself to tell her colleagues multiple times of the lower cost of living she benefits from in central Virginia.

“Just so everyone knows, I can get around financially in Richmond for about a third of what you guys can here in D.C.,” Erikson told her colleagues while setting up for the meeting.

Erikson moved to the Fan neighborhood in the city of Richmond when she got a job with Capital One right after graduation. Though she had originally planned to move to D.C. with her friends, she tells her colleagues she now enjoys her spacious apartment and “the low price of rent, especially considering all of the amenities included.”

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When Erikson had finished discussing her affordable rent, she went on to explain how inexpensive it is to buy groceries. “I can do all of my weekly grocery shopping for under $45,” she said, while pulling up her PowerPoint demonstration. She then pointed to a colleague’s cup of coffee and explained that the person in question undoubtedly paid $2 more than he would have if he had purchased the beverage in Richmond.

Before beginning her presentation on the adverse effects of credit card fraud on the banking system, Erikson moved the conversation onto how cheap it is to go out on the weekends back home. “You can get hammered for easily under $30 and get an Uber home for less than 10,” she reported.

Eyewitness accounts have confirmed that Erikson has, in some manner, mentioned Richmond’s lower cost of living 33 times, leading some of her colleagues to grow concerned. “She just won’t stop talking about it,” Erin Bremner, an Arlington resident working in Capitol One’s fraud department, claimed, adding that Erikson brought up topics that nobody else would have even thought to discuss.

“We happened to be in the bathroom together, standing at the sinks, when she turns to me and says ‘you know, you could probably get that scarf cheaper at one of the Richmond malls.’ Who even thinks to say that?”

At press time, the team went to lunch at a local cafe, where Erikson explained to her colleagues that their sandwiches “would cost at least half this much in RVA.”

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1 Comment on Richmond Young Professional Only Mentions “Lower Cost of Living” 34 Times in Conversation with D.C. Colleagues

  1. sarah webber // March 6, 2018 at 12:17 pm // Reply

    a scarf is probably the same cost at any mall…


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