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Richmond to Honor First Responders With Bolt Scooter Formation on Broad Street

RICHMOND, Va. — In a display of gratitude to the city’s first responders and essential personnel, Richmonders will use the city’s collection of Bolt scooters to perform a “scoot-over” on Broad Street later this afternoon, officials announced this morning.

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“Our frontline employees are heroes who deserve all the thanks we can give them,” Stanley Valentine, a spokesperson for Richmond City Council, explained at a press conference about the upcoming event. “We’re excited to show our immense gratitude to our finest citizens with a ceremonial scoot-over performed with the city’s iconic e-scooters.”

The salute is scheduled to start at 3:30 p.m., at the intersection of Broad Street and Willow Lawn Drive. From there, two dozen Bolt scooters will travel east on Broad Street in a traditional double arrow formation, with the lead drivers performing wheelies to honor grocery stores, hospitals, and other businesses that have been deemed essential. Upon reaching MCV in the heart of the city, the scooters will form the statement “We ❤ 1st Responders,” along with the iconic RVA logo, for hospital employees and other onlookers to enjoy.

Broad Street is expected to be closed to traffic from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., but the public is invited to line the streets and cheer on the salute in honor of the city’s first responders.

“While we understand that our essential employees are asking for things like better working conditions, better resources and protective equipment, and reliable health insurance,” Valentine continued, “we know a good ol’ Bolt scooter salute will give them the patriotic pat on the back they need.”

According to Valentine, the tribute will be performed by the RVA Bolt Bastards, a local Bolt scooter gang that occasionally performs scoot-overs for the city. Leading the first row of the formation will be Floyd Acosta, head of the Bastards. The back row will be led by retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Samuel “Kong” Capozza.

The Bolt scoot-over is only the first in a series of purely symbolic empty gestures. Valentine dismissed assertions that this was part of a public relations campaign designed to trick citizens into feeling like the government is actually doing something. He admitted, however, that he was eagerly anticipating the positive social media reception.

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