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VCU Hipster Determined To Find Hiking Trail You’ve Never Heard Of

RICHMOND, Va. – After a long weekend spent bunkered in the library preparing for upcoming exams, VCU junior Randy Cadinell announced yesterday that he will be heading to Shenandoah National Park next weekend to hike a beautiful trail that no one has ever heard of. In a recent Facebook post, Cadinell commented about his upcoming getaway. “No one will know where I am; it’ll be amazing. I’ve also picked out some obscure 1970s progressive neo-psych-folk-art-rock from Sweden and some craft beer made from turnips and vanilla extract. That oughta make for a fine picnic.” The trail, which Cadinell described as “sorta underground and really underrated,” is believed to exist somewhere near the Rockfish Gap entrance of Skyline Drive. However, Cadinell assured all of our staff that it’s probably not on any maps we’d have. “Yeah, you can’t find it online anywhere. Google hasn’t even heard of it.”

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