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Immunocompromised Fuckboi Still Refuses to Wear Protection

RICHMOND, Va. — Bragging about his ability to handle multiple diseases while still “crushing mad poon,” Oregon Hill fuckboi Kyle Haskins is still refusing to wear a face mask despite being immunocompromised, the piece of shit confirmed Wednesday.

RELATED (article continued below):

“The coronavirus pandemic isn’t something to be afraid of,” Haskins wrote in a Facebook post while at a dialysis appointment. He added that protection probably wouldn’t help much, as his intimate encounters with others tend to last only 45 seconds on average.

“Look, I’m not living in fear or being inconsiderate of others, I’m just trying to enjoy my life. My body, my choice, right?”

At the time of reporting, Haskins was confirmed to be harassing women on multiple dating apps that lived in counties with open restaurants.

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