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RPD: ”We Swear This Never Happens” After Premature Tear Gassing

Photo: Brandon Jarvis, @jaaavis

RICHMOND, Va. — Explaining that they can normally hold it in longer, the Richmond City Police Department has apologized for prematurely tear gassing peaceful protestors during a Black Lives Matter protest on Monday.

“Yesterday, our officers prematurely unloaded tear gas into a peaceful crowd,” a tweet from RPD read, explaining that a climax of action involving tear gas usually doesn’t happen that early.

“Really, we swear this normally doesn’t happen so fast. We acknowledge that we didn’t make it to the curfew time of 8 p.m.; normally we can go on longer without letting out the chemicals. We’ll try to do better and last longer next time.”

Though they apologized, RPD did go on to mention that protesters affected by the tear gas should have known to wear protection and that some of the blame was on them. 

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