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VCU Mass Communications Student Pepper Sprays Self For Extra Credit

RICHMOND, Va. — In an attempt to both prepare for his career in journalism and bump his GPA up a notch, Shawn Hollier, a junior mass communications major at VCU, pepper sprayed himself for extra credit, sources confirmed Tuesday.

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“Well, it wasn’t what I expected when I chose this as a major, but since I bombed the midterm, I really need the extra credit,” Hollier explained in a Facebook post, claiming that though his eyes were burning and he could barely see, the experience would help him in the future.

“I expect the field to have challenges, so if I have to simulate reporting on peaceful protesting by taking a shot of mace to the face, then so be it. Hopefully it’ll boost my grade up to a B+, at least.”

Hollier went on to note that he would be practicing for the semester’s final by unleashing tear gas and rubber bullets on himself with the help of a class partner.


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