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Driver of Stolen APC Ticketed for Driving in New Bus Lanes

Landon Shroder / RVA Mag:

RICHMOND, Va. — In the aftermath of the pursuit of a stolen tank-like armored personnel carrier (APC) from Ft. Pickett to downtown Richmond, the Richmond Police Department has confirmed that the suspect will be cited for driving the vehicle in the new lanes reserved for the GRTC Pulse buses.

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“The driver maintained a safe speed when he was on 460, and to the best of our knowledge, he didn’t run any reds on Broad,” Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said in a recent statement. “But he created a dangerous threat by driving in the new Pulse lanes, which we have a zero-tolerance policy for. We’re cracking down on drivers who show a reckless disregard for public transportation lanes, regardless of vehicle.”

Many local residents have come out in support of the police department’s decision to charge the driver, with some breathing a sigh of relief after imagining an even more dangerous scenario. “At least he didn’t take that thing down Franklin into the floating parking lane,” downtown resident Shelby Dara commented afterward. “That would’ve been a nightmare.”

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