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VMFA Seeks Proposals for Performance Piece to Replace Flaggers Following Their City Boycott

RICHMOND, Va. — Following the Virginia Flaggers’ call to boycott the city of Richmond in the wake of Confederate monuments being removed, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is now looking for a replacement to their six-year-long running performance piece, “Flaggers.”

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The piece is a live-action exhibit, consisting of between three to ten individuals standing on the sidewalk in front of the museum waving the Confederate flag.

The exhibit was originally installed as an artistic expression to depict the ironic juxtaposition against Richmond’s past as the capital of the Confederacy and Richmond’s present-day as an openly liberal city.

“Richmond has a vibrant arts and culture scene, and the VMFA is a vital part of that. We installed the ‘Flaggers’ piece right outside of the museum to show how far Richmond has come since its Confederate roots in the Civil War,” explains museum curator Marie Buccella. “But the Flagger performers are getting burnt out. They have to go out every day, stand outside on the sidewalk with their flags, and offend tourists and locals. I think Richmond gets the idea by now, anyway.”

As they wrap up their longest-running live exhibit, museum directors are open to proposals for replacement demonstration pieces. Pieces in consideration include “Interracial Marriage Protesters,” “Vaccines Cause Autism Advocates,” and “Men’s Rights Activists.”

It was recently reported that museum staff also discussed replacing the “Flaggers” piece with radical religious protesters against women’s rights to their own body, but Planned Parenthood already implemented that exhibit years ago.

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