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COVID-20 Teaser Trailer Released

EVERYWHERE — It’s raising eyebrows and sparking chatter of Oscar contention.

The new COVID-20 virus, set to premiere later this year and infect men, women, children, dogs, cats, and some household ferns, has released a startling new teaser trailer which has quickly been inhaled by fans causing it to go viral.

The apocalyptic 25 second video is filled with images of Trump winning reelection, store shelves devoid of cheese, and national guard troops setting fire to nursing homes. It also features scenes of restaurants reopening, packed beaches, and many families simultaneously enjoying life while ignoring recommended CDC health guidelines.

A lighthearted song titled “Let’s All Take Acid and Make Love Til We Die” is sung by Randy Newman and gently plays under a cacophony of coughing, screams and crying babies. New York Times film critic Pamela McDonald, says the trailer really got under her skin.

“After watching it a dozen or so times before they took it down,” she recalled, “I began to sob all over my laptop and I couldn’t stop. Then the coughing started and I’m on my way to the emergency room right now.”

COVID-20 is set for release in December on Disney Plus.


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